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Committed For Innovation

Technology is changing the way people interact and how services and product are developed and delivered, thus transforming our lives itself. Technology is moving fast, so are we. Because that is what we are dealing with, technology and digital space.

Established in 2014, we are a sincere company with straight forward vision. The basis of our approach is on tested processes, methods and skilled team of employees. We believe in dedication towards creating an exceptional experience for our customers.
We are a team of experienced and skilled engineers and project managers who are passionate about their work and the passion come from working on innovative and creative projects thus creating a difference.

Through IOT, robotics, automation, 3D printing, web development, etc. we provide services and create products that meet all the requirements of our clients. Our clients are our most important asset and we focus on providing them robust products/solutions through our innovative ideas.

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Internet Of Things

Devices embedded in everyday

IOT describes a system of interconnected computing systems extends to objects, sensors and everyday items to consume, exchange and generate data thus making the physical world a big information system.


IoT applications including long range

Used in IOT networks worldwide, it is a spread spectrum based technique derived from chirp based spectrum (CSS). LORA technology is the DNA of IOT as it has a very long range of up to 40KMs.

Mobile Application

Devices embedded in everyday

Mobile app development is recreating the way technology and people interact and is now transforming the business processes and communication with the customers.

Web Development

The Web will never be the Same

Web development involves developing a web portal/web application for the Internet.nIt includes Web CRM, Web-based CMS, E-commerce Development, Web Applications, Analytic tools, etc.

PCB manufacturing

One Stop PCB fab & designing house

We use cost-effective methodologies with a strong commitment. We’re a full technology partner, ready to give you full support, knowledge and technical expertise to make sure your project is completed quickly.

3D Printing

Bringing Ideas to real objects

Now creat a 3D object from a computer-aided design model. 3D printing comes handy in small level manufacturing or when the geometrical part cannot be manufactured by the ordinary methods.

Industrial Training

Experience the real job scenario

We offer the best fully immersive Industrial training for Engineering students. We provide job-oriented training to college students in advanced fields such as robotics, automation, IoT, PCB designing, etc.


Engineering, creativity and science

Robotics is a branch of engineering that involves the conception, design, manufacture, and operation of robots. This field overlaps with electronics, computer science, artificial intelligence, mechatronics, nanotechnology, and bioengineering.


Experience the real job scenario.

To create a WORLD where young people are encouraged to celebrate fun and excitement of science and technology, and inspire them to take science and technology-based career paths to become tomorrow’s much-needed technology leaders.

Our philosophy

Our team has always worked on to resolve business problems through continuous infusion of fresh ideas and creativity in the system. This is the reason why we have been successful in delivering customized solutions and niche for our customers.


To strive to lead in innovative ideas regarding web/software development, information technology solutions, creative designing; and translating the same, using advanced technologies, into value for our customers through professional solutions, services, and consultation; delivered by nurtured human resources.

Quality Policy

We shall strive to deliver Excellency in our products & services conforming to the needs of our clients and in accordance with our quality management system, ensuring delivery on time and at optimized cost.

The process

Steps of our process



Initial consulting with the client and quotation

Not only we are a pro at creating and manufacturing, but we are pretty good listeners as well. We believe in initial one to one interaction with the client so that under the proper guidance of both sides we can make your project a success.

Project sketch and virtual project creations

Creating an exceptionally high-quality product is our priority. For that to happen, we spent countless hours accessing and creating your project digitally and physically, to get it to a quality that you want.

Final product creation and client requests updates

We create fast just like we respond fast on any request. We have created a seamless end to end workflow process. Also, our clients receive regular product-related updates via e-mail. This ensures quality mutual communication and product delivery.

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