LORA Development

Designed to wirelessly connect battery operated things to the Internet in regional, national or global networks

Drift developers Inter net of things


LoRa devices offer compelling features for IoT applications including long range

nUsed in IOT networks worldwide, it is a spread spectrum based technique derived from chirp based spectrum (CSS). LORA technology is the DNA of IOT.nLORA HARDWARE (to be added)

nLORA plays key role in a lot of IOT networks worldwide. Aimed at IOT applications in resource management, pollution control, disaster management etc.nTherefore, we at Drift Developers believe IOT as a big transformational shift in the digital world.nWe aspire to provide next-gen services in rapidly growing IOT era.nWe have in the past, designed and manufactured embedded hardware and software solutions that are confirmable and robust.

nIS LORA A SUBSTITUTE TO WIFI?nLORA is not a substitute to Wi-Fi. But its long range capability and low power requirement enable IOT applications not suitable with Wi-Fi.n

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